About Us

Huelio is a small development firm. Our main passion is anything and everything that moves people from point A to point B. From cyclekarts to electric cars, we love them all and want to share it with the world.


Christopher Casper - Founder

With over 15 years of experience with all things internet related, Chris knows a thing or two when it comes to pushing bits and pixels. When not building software, you can usually find him working on his cars.


Here are some of our current projects we're working on.

Lokomotive is an online automotive community, and event management platform. Members can create their own profile to share their car with the world, register for local automotive events, or stay on top of the latest automotive news. As an event organizer you can create events and manage them with our easy to use tools.

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Skinnyr is a simple weight tracking service. It allows you to enter your daily weight, and keep on top of your weightloss goals. An easy to use graph allows you to see the bigger picture of your goals and help you stay on top of your weightloss.

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Contact Us

Have something you want to share with us, or just want to chat about newest hypercar? Drop us a line. You can reach us at info@huelio.com.